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What kind of valve is suitable for biotech pharmaceutical companies?
 What kind of valve is suitable for biotech pharmaceutical companies?

Product usage

Antibiotics globe valve is mainly used in Biological fermentation, medicine, Beer ferments, amino acid fermentation, Biopesticide fermentation, Biological fertilizer fermentation, all kinds of antibiotic fermentationl, water, steam, cold control and other fields, resistance to high temperature , Zero leakage level.



1. Has a strong bactericidal, disinfection function, to prevent bacterial contamination.

2 gaskets made of high temperature PTFE composites. (Maximum temperature up to ≤ 120 ℃)

3. Gaskets, valve body Road seals, stem packing all use high-quality PTFE material. Long life, corrosion-resistant, to ensure that no internal and external leakage.

4. Streamlined runner, making the pressure loss is small.

5. Gaskets can be replaced, disassembled more convenient, low maintenance costs.

Valves quality is very important, let's learn more about how to check the valve quality.