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Bonomi introduced the VBall
Bonomi introduced the VBall

A VBall notch on a Bonomi’s valve (image courtesy of Bonomi)


Process valve and actuator specialist Bonomi has introduced a V-notch called Vball to its ball valve range.
According to the company, the new addition will enable users to achieve greater stability and accuracy in terms of flow control, and will be available on a selection of Bonomi’s valves, including the Inox-val, Radiamont, Wafer, Split-Body and Wafer Split.
The Vball is available from ½” in all new sizes, and can be used with liquids and gases. This allows it to have a flow control range up to 500:1.
Using specialist VALPSIZE configuration software, valves can be sized (ISA 75.02, IEC 60534-2-1) checking fluid velocity, valve openings, noise and other critical issues. Valpres control valves are available with a manual calibrated lever with opening and flow direction indication and can be configured with Valbia pneumatic or electric actuators to fit individual users’ flow control needs.